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WELCOME TO C.A.R.S. – Consulting Accident Reconstruction Specialist, Inc.

Our Principles

Completing thorough and concise reconstruction analysis’, throughout this great Country, since 2001.

We offer a professional reconstruction analysis of motor-vehicle type collisions, applying sound scientific, reconstruction, and investigative principles to determine the events of a traffic collision. We have been in the field of Forensic Accident Reconstruction since 2000, and with a combined experience of more than 60 years in all aspects of Forensic Accident Reconstruction, we are a team that is hard to beat! Our clients include most major insurance companies within the U.S. We also work directly for attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, either as a consultants or as a qualified expert witness. Occasionally we work with private citizens interested in determining the events of a collision they may have been involved in. We pride ourselves in determining an honest and unbiased synopsis of your case. We are traffic collision reconstruction expert(s) who are a law enforcement officer(s), with degrees in the area related to Accident Reconstruction. Our turnaround time is second-to-none. We pride ourselves in completing case work as quickly as possible, without losing out on crucial evidence; if a case is requiring urgent investigation, we can be on scene within hours. We are forensic accident reconstructionist with an ability that is far-and-few to find in an expert witness; we have the ability and experience to be both a competent scientist and a thorough investigator. As law enforcements officers we learn how to thoroughly investigate events/crimes, something class-only experts never have the opportunity to experience. Along with the in-class degrees, from State level institutions, we bring the best of both worlds. We are ‘qualified Superior Court expert witnesses’ who have testified throughout the entire State of California, with case analysis’ in Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Florida, and beyond. We work as a team, thus when hiring an expert(s) from C.A.R.S. you get the added benefit of not only one expert, but the opportunity to for more than mind to work together; this is hard to beat!

At C.A.R.S. we pride ourselves in determining an honest and unbiased synopsis of any case we are retained on. Our goal is to reconstruct and analyze the events of any given type of motor-vehicle collision, using the facts of the events to arrive at a conclusion, while rendering a competent and thorough analysis, all at a reasonable rate. We typically invoice our clients from the major city hub, allowing C.A.R.S. to remain competitive, even when comparing us to experts in that given area.

Having the experience and understanding of vehicles, as Peace Officers we offer the ability to render important opinions and conclusions that typical accident reconstruction experts do not have. As Peace Officers, we respond to vehicle collisions on a daily basis, this allows us the opportunity to experience and view collisions in ways that most accident reconstruction experts cannot. I/we complete hundreds of Traffic Collision Reports that render fault (PCF) and allow us the ability to gather extensive training in the field of Accident Reconstruction, as well as working together as a team when investigating serious incidents. I/we have not only the Peace Officer experience, but also the degrees to support our conclusions. Chose your expert well, as they must not only understand the principles of accident reconstruction, but also the laws, and how they apply to the events of a collision.

Our turnaround time is second-to-none. At C.A.R.S. I/we pride ourselves in completing case work as quickly as possible, without losing out on crucial evidence. We typically complete forensic accident reconstruction reports within 5 to 7 business days. Feel free to contact our office to request a reference from one of our many clients we have the pleasure of working with over the more than 15 years we have been in business.








Always wondered what Accident Reconstruction is? How and Why, did this accident happen?

Qualified forensic accident reconstructionist(s) are expert witnesses, who can be of great benefit in cases where fault for a collision is in dispute; or even to further establish liability. Very few police agencies have their own personnel trained in accident reconstruction, who can be assigned to prepare collision reconstruction reports about any particularly severe traffic collision. Do not assume, however, that a police officer is a qualified expert. Most of the time they are not! We speak from experience; most police/deputy officers are not passionate about traffic collisions like we are! Do not assume either that someone with a physics or engineering degree is a qualified accident reconstruction expert. It is very important to understand when hiring a traffic reconstruction expert, that he/she has not only training in the area that relates to accident reconstruction, but also has practical hands-on, in the field experience. Furthermore, the most important is the ability to testify in a manner that a ‘jury’ can understand. It is said that attorneys who are familiar with the best forensic accident reconstruction experts have a definite edge in resolving cases in their favor. Contact us and see why we stop at nothing, to be the best Forensic Reconstruction Expert(s) around. We have a passion for what we do; and it shows!

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience to complete a thorough and competent analysis into the events of a motor-vehicle collision. For example, the length of skid marks, the slipperiness of a roadway surface, the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) download, and the amount of crush damage to the involved vehicles can be used to determine, and approximate the speeds and/or direction of travel of the involved vehicles prior to the actual collision. Thus, further determining liability into the events of the entire incident. This can be a crucial factor into your case. There are many examples of experts who determine the events of the collision, however, they fail to present the liability and how it applies to the vehicle code section from any given State.



Why Hiring an Accident Reconstruction Expert is Crucial to your Case?

 An Accident Reconstructionist is a person who is specially trained, has ‘real-life’ experience responding to vehicle collisions, and is thorough and competent in determining the events of a specific collision. An experienced accident reconstructionist is typically one who has law enforcement background, who fully understands the laws as they apply to a specific event, and how they are applied to accident reconstruction. An experienced Accident Reconstructionist is one who can find evidence that is typically not evident, and also determine when evidence is not considered factual! The Reconstructionist is an expert witness, who can be of great benefit in cases where fault for a collision is in dispute; rendering liability, or even partial liability for the event. The accident reconstructionist is one who also has the ability to testify in a Court of Law; someone who is ‘NOT’ intimidated by the judicial system. An expert has to have the ability to articulate himself to the ‘jury’ and best explain how the event occurred, if it could have been avoided, how it applies to the ‘Vehicle Code Section’ for any given State, and so much more. Some police agencies, have their own Sworn-Personnel trained in accident reconstruction who will be assigned to prepare independent reconstruction reports, about particularly severe traffic collisions. They function under many different types of acronyms, ‘MAIT’ Team, ‘STAR’ Team, and so-on; they are typically very competent in the field, but are not allowed to complete ‘Civil’ cases due to their respective Departments Policy & Procedures. They do their reconstruction analyses primarily for their department and are not typically retain by Attorney’s or Insurance Companies. Do not assume, however, that a police officer is a qualified expert. Most of the time he will not be! Their experience in the field as a traffic Deputy/Officer, and their courtroom testimony is an indicator of their experience in the field of Accident Reconstruction. It is said by personal injury attorneys, that those who are familiar with the best forensic reconstruction experts have a definite edge in resolving their cases; call us anytime, as we strive to be the best forensic experts in the field of accident reconstruction and investigations. We have a ‘passion’ for what we do, and it shows!!

As always we offer free case consultation; we are the experts! We are not a referral service.


Offering Services in all aspects of Accident Reconstruction and Private Investigations.

  We always offer case consultation at No Charge. I/we are the qualified experts! We have testified on Civil and Criminal matters (within Superior Courts), too many times to mention.We are not a referral service. We determine an honest and unbiased synopsis of your case. This can help you decide if you should move forward with a full reconstruction analysis or if there is another possible outcome for the matter all-together.


We pride ourselves in offering a turnaround time that is second-to-none. I/we want to earn your business, and understand the importance of any matter, including the importance of retaining a competent expert(s) who understands the legal system and its’ deadlines. We stride ourselves in completing our case work as quickly as possible, without losing out on crucial evidence; whether it may be witness statements or crucial evidence from the accident scene. We have no issues, and will gladly travel to wherever and whenever we are needed.

If you think that all accidentreconstructionists are the same, think again! Call us and find out why! Although there are many excellent legitimate reconstruction experts in the United States, the majority of “experts” who call themselves accident reconstructionists are self-appointed individuals with seemingly impressive degrees who have never seen the inside of an accident reconstruction school, or have never testified in a court of law before. Being a thorough forensic accident reconstructionist requires proper reconstruction training and a keen eye for looking at all scenarios. An excellent Forensic Accident Reconstructionist is someone with the ability to be both a competent scientist and an thorough investigator who does not miss anything! Consulting Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Inc. goes the extra mile to do the job right. We do not just think of it as a case, we think of it as our duty to perform the most thorough job in determining our opinions.  We are here to determine what really happened, and we will tell you like it is!