Our team performs all aspects of forensic accident reconstruction; from vehicle inspection, to scene investigations, CDR/EDR Crash Data Retrieval, Witness Statements, and so much more…we strive to complete the most comprehensive and thorough accident reconstruction analysis; this, while utilizing up-to-date equipment and software when rendering a thorough analysis.

From determining liability, to a simple accident reconstruction report, up-to and including a full conservation of momentum analysis, our team works hard to determine the how, the why, and if needed, the ‘could it have been avoided?’. We also look further into any witnesses of the incident, the roadway configuration (as-built plans/surveys), and other factors which all play a role into completing a thorough accident reconstruction analysis. We have the ability to complete computer-aided drawings (CAD) and/or computer animations, to better explain the events as they unfolded; whether for a jury or simply for the insurance company representatives.

We provide low-speed reconstruction reports, which include collision severity, change-in-speed (∆V) and forces, along with occupant kinematics, and diagrams to make our reports easy to understand. We complete these reports in a timely manner, typically no more than 5-7 business days. We do not charge extra for witness statements, recorded statements, and/or any reasonable related documents of the event(s). Our turn-around time is second-to-none, and our flat rates are hard to beat.  Having been in the field of Forensic Accident Reconstruction and Investigations since prior to 2001, our experience and no-how is hard to beat. Contact our office to inquire more about our flat rate accident reconstruction reports.

Our reconstruction analysis’ range from single-vehicle, off-road vehicles, and low-speed vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, including multiple-vehicle collisions, including those involving motorcycles, pedestrians, buses, bicycles, and heavy commercial trucks. We also complete CDR//EDR (Crash Data Retrieval) downloads and analysis of the information. We work fast and efficiently to gather the evidence as quickly as possible, then use the evidence to render a fact-based conclusion.

We also offer an in-house private investigations, which further allows us to gather even more pertinent information into any event; or if needed a Private Investigator to complete an investigation into any party or otherwise. Our private investigations department has found many witnesses, that otherwise would not have been a factor into the conclusion of the accident reconstruction analysis; sometimes an unbiased witness is more important to a case than all other factors combined. Feel free to browse our Private Investigations section on our company website; feel free to contact us to inquire more about the private investigations services we offer.

The following are a few of the Accident Reconstruction Services we offer. The list below is only a brief synopsis of our services; please contact us to inquire about all our services. As a competent and experienced team, our combined experience includes over 60 years of knowledge and experiences from all aspects of accident reconstruction. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, call us anytime, on any day, and we promise to do be better than the average expert witness!

Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Speed Analysis
  • Crush Analysis
  • Low Speed vehicle collisions
  • Seatbelt Use/Non-use
  • Crash Data Retrieval (CDR/EDR)
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Scene Investigations
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Occupant Safety Systems
  • Motorcycle Collision
  • In-depth Conservation of Momentum Analysis
  • Vehicle vs. Pedestrian / Bicyclist
  • Animation

We also offer Computer Animated (Animations) Videos, which can help your case, and the event tell the story, in a simple term, by explaining the events of the case, so as to allow those without scientific understanding or experience the ability to render a sound fair judgment.

Our video animations are reasonably priced, and we work together to produce a ‘Court Approved’ animation, that will best express the events, just as if we were there to witness the incident first-hand. Our animations are and have been accepted in Superior Court(s), during many trials/testimony.

The animation on this page depicts one part of the intricate way we can portray the events of a collision/event as it occurred.

             Click the play button to see the animation in action!